Stater for Advisors

In cooperation with our customers (lenders), we provide services and products for, among other things, advisers in the processes surrounding mortgage acceptance and management. Our aim is to provide optimal service for all people with a mortgage and all people who want to take out a new mortgage.

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Then please contact us on 033 450 9780.


Portal for all advisors

Since August 2021, the completely renewed E-Advisor portal has been available to all advisers. E-Advisor was developed in co-creation with advisers and Stater's customers (lenders). E-advisor provides an overview of the loans of an advisory office in the underwriting process and provides insight into the associated documents. For a number of lenders, it is already possible to upload all required files in E-advisor. Through the adviser portal, the adviser can also follow the consumer, view the status of files and see what actions are still needed in the mortgage process. E-advisor also has a digital mailbox that allows lenders to share important news with the collaborating advisors.


Changing joint and several liability

Request form

It is now possible to file the Severance of Principal Liability through E-Advisor. This can be done by going to "Clients" in the portal. Then select the client for which you want to submit the OHA request. If you do not yet have an E-Advisor account, it is also possible to submit an Severance of Principal Liability request via the forms below.


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