What we do

Stater provides mortgage services. It is our goal to help consumers to manage their mortgage in a safe, fast and hassle-free way. Our objective is to enable consumers in managing their own mortgage in the near future.

This applies to the entire process: from orientation on a mortgage, until the finalization, and every step in between.

We take care of this for 40 plus money lenders.

How we do it

What we do and how we do this, made us the market leader in mortgage services in the Netherlands. Since 2019, Stater is part of the global leader in IT-PBO companies, Infosys BPM. With Infosys as majority shareholder, we can even go further when it comes to innovation and digitalisation in the mortgage market. By meeting challenges and opportunities, we continuously aim at increased significance to money lenders and consumers.

Mortgage services

As a mortgage services provider, we take care of all processes concerning back-office, mid-office and acceptance of mortgages. We fully commit ourselves to the money lender, intermediary, and consumer.

In the near future consumers can manage mortgages themselves. We are now offering acceptance within 24 hours; digital statements of the mortgage status quo, fast repayment, change repayments, and manage the construction deposit.

Our employees are quickly to respond when questions occur, so progress is not affected.

Digitalisation & Change

A lot has changed over the last years. Especially the expectations of consumers. It is this very expectation we will fill in digitally. After all, the consumer translates ‘online’ as ‘now, immediately’.

Stater is making significant progress when it comes to Digitalisation & Change. We develop apps and portals and are able to support every party in the mortgage chain. Extension of these digital systems is therefore our top priority. In our vision, mortgage requests, record oversight, and inducing modifications, should be possible digitally. Consumers should also be able to have immediate oversight of modifications made. This accounts for the construction deposit, early repayments, as well as other mutations in the mortgage dossier.

Our products

We provide services and products concerning mortgage management. All services, from setting up a portal for mid-office activities till the entire execution of your mid-office and back-office. With just one goal in mind; an optimum service for all consumers owning a mortgage.

However, we also set up risk-models for you, carry out analyses, benchmarks, when needed and advised.

Our services are fully focused on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) regarding all aspects of mortgage management.

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