Stater has years of experience in providing support services for the entire mortgage process.

We manage mortgage processes for more than 40 mortgage lenders in the Netherlands and Belgium. We collaborate with banks, insurance companies, investors and agents to jointly determine the best possible services. Renowned independent rating agency Fitch awarded our mortgage services the highest rating in the Netherlands.

Can we be of service?

Stater provides all services involved in the mortgage process. Our services range from setting up an overflow facility for your mid-office activities to handling your entire mid-office and back-office operations. We also provide a range of supplementary services, including management information, risk models for fraud prevention for instance, and insight into your portfolio by performing portfolio analyses and benchmarks. We aim to be your complete business partner.


We stand for quality and reliability. With our years of experience in the mortgage market, Stater can boast specialised knowledge in the field of mortgage services.


We aim to relieve our customers of any unnecessary worry, whether pertaining to mortgage services or support services.


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