Stater in Brussels

Stater Belgium is a major service provider for mortgage lenders in Belgium. Its Brussels branch was established in December 2000. For more information on Stater’s operations in Brussels, visit


Hypocasso manages any arrears on behalf of various mortgage lenders, contacting consumers when they fall behind in their mortgage payments. The aim is to work together to find a solution that fits the consumer’s personal circumstances, with a view to permanently rectifying the arrears and enabling the consumer to keep his home.

Should it become clear that there is no possibility of the consumer being able to retain his property Hypocasso will assist in selling the real estate with the aim of achieving the highest possible selling price. Should the sale of the property result in residual debt, Hypocasso will, in consultation with the consumer, strive to reduce as much of the debt as possible. For more information, visit


We stand for quality and reliability. With our years of experience in the mortgage market, Stater can boast specialised knowledge in the field of mortgage services.


We aim to relieve our customers of any unnecessary worry, whether pertaining to mortgage services or support services.


For further information and questions please contact us.